Beware of Bogus Installers

Solar became so popular today that it made some people curious about how to install it by “DIY” or Do-it-yourself with their own knowledge. Installation of solar is something that you do not want to be playing around without proper research and training.

SOLWIND as a professional solar installer, encounters a lot of back jobs from failed systems installed by some illegal solar contractors. From the picture above, improper solar mounting equipments are used and the tilt of the solar panels is almost 45 degrees. It will also damage the roofing of the facility as some burns were found on the wirings and the solar panels may fly off the roof when strong winds occur due to its clearance from the roof.

Most of Solwind’s rehab project are off-grid systems that string up together different brands of batteries which is wrong since batteries need to have the same specs to operate properly. Incorrect installation of protective devices may lead to house fire or explosion.

Many solar companies offer proper training seminars to guide people from the basics up to the advanced level of solar installations. The first thing you need to have before installing is a background on the electrical field or you may hire an electrician or an electrical engineer practitioner to facilitate your projects.

These illegal contractors have only one goal which is to attract you with a low cost and low quality of installation to get your money. If you are still confused about which solar company to go with, SOLWIND is here to provide you with economic prices, quality installation and excellent after-sales service.

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