The amount that you can save from electric bill depends on whether there's a need to reduce your electric bill or completely depend on your electric billing system.

Most of the solar panels that we are installing have a 10-25 years warranty.

If the location has a limited roof area, Monocrystalline panels are preferred to maximize the power generation and these panels are more efficient but cost more. Polycrystalline panels are recommended if you are after the cost per watt.

The installers of our company are well trained, follow the right procedures and the material of our equipment to be installed can withstand any weather.

Net Metering is a program offered by the utility company to credit your power that you export back to the grid. Meralco or Batelec will install a bidirectional meter which can measure how much power your home consumed and another is to measure how much excess power you credited when you generated more power than you consumed.

Solwind company can design a system for you to fully cover up your monthly electric bills or produce power more than what you need.

Solar panel systems require little to no maintenance for the 25 to 35 years that they will generate power.

Not all system requires batteries, you have the option if you want a backup power source when there is power interruption and adding batteries, we can offer you different types/brands of batteries that you need.

Send us a message. In order to properly size up your system, We can talk over the phone about your load requirements and schedule a site Investigation.

Solwind company will be the one to design the number of panels that you need depending on the condition that you want to happen for your system.

Here is some overview of the system we are installing: 1. Grid Tie System - always connected to the grid but when the grid shuts down the system also shuts down, if you intend to save electricity this system might be great for you we can apply for "Net metering" or the process of selling the excess power produced by the panels back to the electric company. The electric company will payback through Kw-hr credit (negative bill) that you can use during night time. 2. Off Grid System -the off-grid system is a separate power supply but it can only supply selected loads that you want to power. This system is good against power interruption problems.batteries are required. 3. Hybrid System - It is a combination of Grid-Tie and Off-Grid system, this system automatically shifts to the off-grid mode when the grid is down, this can back up selected loads you need to power when the grid is out.