Is a Solar Powered Golf Cart Possible?

Those who enjoy a round of golf are lucky enough to be in an environment that boasts some of the most wonderful natural scenery available. It was Oscar Wilde who once said that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. Mr Wilde had obviously never enjoyed the benefits of a golf cart – after all, why enjoy that beautiful scenery on foot? However, environmental concerns are featuring more and more highly in people’s decisions when it comes to powering their homes – and yes, even a golf cart. However, those who want to invest in solar power when it comes to carts often have some questions. These may revolve around retrofitting solar panels to the cart – and how much such a conversion would cost.

All products that rely on the installation of high tech material the best approach is to get a professional company such as SOLWIND to do the installation. Another advantage of using a professional solar supplier and installer is that you get that peace of mind of knowing that not only will you enjoy professional after-sales service – but also a guarantee on the workmanship and the product itself. Our engineers and installers combine knowledge and teamwork to get the work done.

SOLWIND converted a golf cart into solar power with the 1 x 2 meters polycrystalline solar panel properly mounted as the roofing and source of power that fits the dimension of the solar golf cart. Installing some quality railings, bolt them up and making sure that it’s safe from strong winds. Also a solar charge controller prevents the overcharging of the 48 Volt 150 Ampere-hour battery bank. No need to waste money on plugging it for charging, why not let it sit under the sun and charge it by itself.

If you want to learn more and contribute to the protection of the natural environment and enjoy less time between charges solar technology is the way to go. You get that warm glow of doing the right thing; enjoy considerable cost savings and who knows? Perhaps even improve your handicap.


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