Is Solar Power a Good Option In the Philippines?

It is very rare that we would look forward to getting our electric bill in the mail. Some homeowners in the Philippines, however, are smiling when their bill arrives. For those who are taking advantage of solar power, the prices they are paying are significantly lower.

Although there may be many reasons to choose solar power, it is especially critical in the Philippines. Considering that they pay one of the highest rates in the world per kilowatt-hour, getting energy from the sun becomes a viable option.

It is also something that Filipino homeowners can do progressively. They can start with a single panel on the roof and eventually, add additional panels as their budget allows. It doesn’t take long before they overtake their energy needs and can actually begin selling back some of the excess energy in a program known as ‘net metering’.

As more and more homeowners in the Philippine struggle to take care of their energy needs, the option of solar energy becomes more attractive. There are even options for payment programs so the solar panels can be cared for over time, rather than having to come up with the money upfront. It’s an idea whose time has come and is well worth the effort.


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