Power Interruptions and Solar Batteries in the Philippines

Many believe that solar energy and battery storage will supply the bulk of the world’s energy needs over the coming decades with the hope of ending poverty, alleviating the threats of climate change, and enabling emerging countries to leapfrog over decades of development. In the Philippines, electricity costs are the highest among the 10-member ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries due in large to longstanding government subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry. Sharply falling costs and improved performance of digitally networked solar power, wind power, and battery energy storage challenge the status quo and are making believers of not only the largest corporations and Filipino utility companies but also the politicians. President Duterte has set some ambitious goals for national and international renewable energy, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable development goals that include achieving universal electrification by 2022.

Solwind Energy Systems is one of Asia’s leading distributed energy companies, empowering homes and businesses with solar alternatives and providing our customers with efficient energy solutions. Our mission is to provide the people with renewable energy products and services as part of the global transition towards a solar-powered future.

Solwind is powered by the largest solar provider in the Philippines’ Metro Manila area, SOLARIC, with over 2000 installations. Some of the types of systems we install include:

A Grid-Tie System that is connected to the grid but shuts down when the system shuts down. This system is ideal for people who want to save on electricity and includes ‘Net Metering’ or a process of selling back excess power to the electric company and receiving credits that can be used during night time.

The Off-Grid System consists of a separate power supply; however, it can only supply selected loads you wish to power and needs solar batteries. This system is great for areas in the Philippines where power interruptions occur.

Our Hybrid System is a combination of our Grid-Tie and Off-Grid systems that is capable of automatically shifting to an off-grid mode when the main grid shuts down, backing up selected loads to use for power when the grid shuts down.

Our Smart Hybrid inverters for our solar applications use renewable energy for residential and business consumption; Grid Tie inverters for top-notch performance; and Off-Grid inverters for remote areas.

Most Common types of Solar Batteries Used:

Flooded Lead Acid Battery

  • Type of battery that requires maintenance
  • Mounted in upright position only
  • Low cost Batteries
  • Emits Gases when charging
  • Maximum 5 % discharge rate per month

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

  • Type of battery that are sealed and does not require electrolyte maintenance
  • Does not emit gases when charging
  • VRLA batteries has 2 types:

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

  • A woven glass mat is used between the plates to hold the electrolyte
  • Practically immune from freezing damage
  • Maintenance free
  • Maximum of 1-2% discharge rate per month

Gel Cell

  • Batteries contain silica type gel that the battery electrolyte is suspended in
  • Must be recharged correctly or the battery will suffer premature failure
  • Additional Safety Gear is not required
  • Maximum of 1-2 % discharge rate per month

Lithium Battery

  • Low maintenance
  • Comparably high energy density
  • Maximum 10% discharge rate in 5 years

Check out this link to know more about our products https://www.solwindenergy.com/service/solar-equipment/

Solwind partners with suppliers of top-quality equipment and the latest technologies to bring you the best quality products at affordable prices and exceptional installation services.


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