Roofing Requirements For Solar Panels

The demand for solar installation has increased since the electric bills had never been low. Solar power has become more affordable with the increasing advancement in harvest efficiency. Solar may seem a “Plug and Play” process but there are still factors that need to be considered before the installation.

Roofing Material & Trusses

When it comes to the stress-free roof type solar panel installation are the GI roofing sheets. Solar panels are easy to install in this type of roofing unlike any other such as asphalt shingles, clay, and concrete tiles. The inspector should evaluate if the trusses of the facility can withstand the weight of the solar panels. SOLWIND checks the roof condition if it needs some attention such as leaks.

Measurement of Roofing

Roof area plays a big role in designing up a system, it will tell us how much power will fit on your rooftop. For example, if your bill requires up to 10kW of solar but your roof area can only fit 2kW of solar panels. It will only cover up only 20% of your electric bill. SOLWIND uses both actual and online simulations on measuring the roof area.

Tilt Angle & Orientation

The latitude of the Philippines is below the axial tilt angle of the earth; the recommended tilt angle is around 15 to 30 degrees and should face directly south. SOLWIND ensures proper orientation during site inspections.

Roof Shading

Most of the problems that solar power harvest encounters are near tall buildings and big trees that can block away sunlight to your solar. Solar panels require good sun exposure to reach their full capacity. During site inspection, SOLWIND informs the owners if there are trees that needed to be cut down or the facility is not ready for solar due to near taller buildings that can cast large shadows. In choosing the right solar provider such as SOLWIND that brings up the best quality products, installation and after-sales service. SOLWIND experts are well experienced when it comes to dealing with different types of facilities.


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