Top Performing Wind Turbines for a Better Future

We partnered with top class technologies in designing, manufacturing, and servicing in Wind Equipment. Here are at SolWind, we ensure the best quality to our clients and business partners matching top power integration techniques.

 Hybrid Wind Turbine 600 W

Specifically designed to provide sustainable energy for residential properties and business buildings

HY Small Wind Turbine 

Key Features 

✓ Electromagnetic braking and blade aerodynamic braking
✓ Can withstand any weather
✓ Extreme Wind resistance for better performance
✓ Anti-corrosion capability
✓ Quiet operation with minimal to no vibration
✓ 5 blade designed for low wind area, light breeze startup
✓ Lightweight and easy installation with free maintenance

Technical Features 

✓ Patented Blade Design
✓ Over-speed control system
✓ Minimal Vibration and Low Noise Operation
✓ Best Materials and Workmanship
✓ Maintenance Free Design
✓ HY High-Efficiency Wind Turbines