Solar Security Lights

Imagine yourself using the power of the sun to lighten up your home during the night that does not cost you a single peso on your electric bill. Solar technology continuous to evolve on such a way that in can be applied in almost everything, even in gadgets that can be held with the palm of your hand.

Here comes the perimeter light integrated with solar innovation that can help us reduce our electricity bill. For example, 15 units of 30 watts of perimeter lights running for about 10 hours a day. On a normal rate it will cost you already Php. 1,350 just to fire up these lights excluded your cost from the wires and labour of installation for your light bulbs.

SOLWIND offers all in one solar light with built in with the latest technology on batteries such as the lithium batteries that stores the energy of the sun from the harvest of its monocrystalline solar panel mounted on the top. Motion sensor also included that brightens up if an object is near within its radius. No need to run a long wire to install the following components which makes it “hassle free” just mount it on the brackets or pole measuring 3-5 meters as recommended. Let it charge during the day and it automatically turns on during night time or when it is dark.

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