Solwind Ensures Workplace Health and Safety

All Solar PV Installation jobs require proper knowledge when it comes to health and safety precautions. Ensuring a safe workplace makes both the installers and customer feel comfortable on the project. All out training is provided to the installers to prevent such hazardous events.

The installers must know on how to use the proper tools on a certain job. Equipment training is provided to the installers for them to use and maintain the tools without major supervision. Solar and wind installations require jobs involving drilling, grinding, weight lifting, hazardous electrical works etc. Used tools must be cleaned and placed on its appropriate storage to avoid any misplacement that causes delay on the job. Site inspection plays a big role on the planning and proposal of the project. Sowind’s trained solar practitioners will be checking the structure, electrical wirings, location of the solar panels and inverter. On the inspection the surveyor also conduct a brief explanation regarding the system to recommend and answer the concerns that the customers have in mind. Did we mention that Solwind’s site inspection is free of charge? That’s right.

Every job that involves construction work will require “Personal Protective Equipment” or PPE that prevent installers from physical harm on workplaces. Most PPE’s used by SOLWIND are:

Hard Hats – Protection used to prevent objects from falling to the head.

Safety Glasses – When the job involves foreign objects that may damage the eyes such as drilling, chipping, electrical wiring etc.

Safety Shoes – Usually steel toed that protects the foot from falling objects and compression.

Roof Safety Harness – Protective equipment used when working on workplaces above 6 feet to prevent from falling which is clamped to a lifeline.

Ladder – If the project requires working on high rooftops or climbing.

Face Mask – Protection used if there are any hazardous contaminants that may enter the respiratory system.

Safety Gloves – Used for tasks that can cause hand cuts, fractures, burns or contact with any harmful chemicals.  

Solwind Safety Jackets – Special designed working jackets that has reflectors in case working on dark areas, can sustain minor cuts and also a good protection against sunlight.

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SOLWIND ensures the safety of the installers and customers at the same time. Our solar training is not only required for the installers but also for the non-technical team. Even though our team has years of experience when it comes to their job, reviewing basic safety procedures always comes first. SOLWIND guarantee quality equipments used for long term service and customer comfort.

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