Taal Volcano Ash Fall on Solar Panels

Starting the year for solar businesses in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna even Metro Manila area is a struggle for the owners since the Taal Volcano erupted on January 12, 2020. The eruption released hazardous ash that can deplete the harvest of our valued customers.

We all know that shading is a big problem that solar installers need to check before proceeding with the project. The ash fall from the Taal Volcano will cover up the whole solar panel with thick grey ash that piles up from the eruption. With the solar panels covered it can cause shading that the power output of the system will be almost little to nothing.

SOLWIND recommends that customers can soft sweep their solar panels with a soft broom or “Walis Tambo” and make sure that the roof is clean since some are willing to clean their own systems. Before the customers clean their own roof safety precautions must be observed. The ash can cause health problems on your eyes and respiratory system so make sure to wear goggles or N95 Masks for protection. SOLWIND will then schedule a follow up a thorough cleaning and checking of the whole system for customer’s comfort.

Here are simple steps on how to clean your rooftop solar:

1. You can soft sweep the roof with “Walis Tambo”. Make sure that the panels are dry when you do this.

2. A pressure wash will be a good remover of hardened ash fall on the roof and solar panels.

3. Use wet rag to scrub and remove the remaining debris. (liquid soap can also be added)

4. Rinse off using water only and check if your system is back on track on the inverter display.

As residents of the affected areas of the volcanic eruption SOLWIND will help and pray for our fellow citizen for their safety and full recovery.

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