Wind Turbine Power – Is It the Sustainable Energy Source of The Future?

It comes as no surprise that mankind has come to the realization that energy from fossil fuels are finite. Irrespective of how much we shepherd and conserve that source of energy the supplies will come to an end at some point. There is also the fact that fossil fuel is responsible for several greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of the day – we cannot afford to be burning fossil fuels – as the dominant species on the planet we simply must apply our minds to how we get energy from sustainable sources.

One of those sources has captured the imagination – and that is wind turbine power.

The advances in wind turbine power and the efficiency of generation and storage mean that wind generation has now come of age. There are countries that today employ wind farms to generate significant amounts of power – and feed that power into the national grid. China is bit far and away in the lead when it comes to harnessing the power of the wind.

Its wind farm in Gansu Province supplies 7,965Mw about five times more than the next biggest in the world. This is operating at 40% of capacity – more power generation is planned for the immediate future.

The U.S. matching China step for step – but still must catch up to do. It has the second-largest amount of energy generated from wind ‘farms’ in the world. The Alta Wing Energy Centre in California has a capacity of 1,548 MW’s

It has become clear that local and central government are taking the issue of renewable and sustainable energy very seriously. The question must be asked – have we waited too long? Should we wait until wind farms deliver superior return on investment? Or should we protect the planet now, rather than later?

Speak out in favor if you want to protect the delicate home that we have. The planet is under threat. The winds of change are however fluttering proudly- and the direction the flags that are flown by the representatives of Mother Nature are blowing in the wind.


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